We take care of food, so you take care of your family

We provide reliable, affordable and convenient services for everyone. Our business is to help you enjoy much time with your family and friends

tribe basket

A basket catered to your needs wherever you live

We source quality organic and fresh locally grown produce putting them in a specialized basket to be delivered to your doorstep weekly. No hustle, less food waste, reduce plastic waste, save more!

Zero waste

Help save the "over 40%" of food that goes uneaten every year. Let's save food that goes wasted on a daily basis all year round.

Zero poverty

By buying from us, you're helping support local farmers so they can continue providing us with healthy, organic produce.

Zero hunger

We are not just saving you money or delivering you healthy food. We are on a mission to eradicate hunger and poverty in the world. find out more about our contribution here!

Baskets tailored to serve and keep you happy

Always Farm-Fresh

Our produce, meat and fish are always fresh from the farm. We also go the length to ensure that organic and quality conventional produce and items are made available to you. Our partnership with local farmers makes this possible.

Customize to your needs

Each week, our team designs a basket package for you so you can easily decide what to cook. Add items not on our list, swap items you don't like with more of what you love. Everything in your order can be customized to your satisfactory. --Keep what you want, remove what you don't. Add in grocery staples, snacks ad favorite times you'll love

Totol convenience

Save yourself a trip to the store. Your basket order is packed with care and delivered straight to your doorstep for convenience, each week on your delivery day

Save money, time and food from getting wasted

Enjoy healthy,  high-quality groceries that cost less, provides jobs and fights food waste --how delicious is that?

Craving for a great meal?

Have your favourite meals delivered to you

Get it delivered right to your door, office, school or try pickup on your way home. It's mealtime on your time. Order NOW!

Whatever the occasion

We have special packages for whatever the occasion maybe. Office getout, camping, special guest visiting, etc, we have variety of meal options that you definitely love.

They Say

Mohammed Hamisu


" Craving Meals become my wife the very day i met her. I just have to pick my phone, browse through her app and request for meal. great meals yet affordable."

Victoria Parker


" All of these gorgeous food for that less, delivered to my door makes me fall more in love. Great product, total convenience. I recommend OP Baskets anyday anytime."

OP events

Schedule your next event with help from OP Events

From planning, staffing, catering, photography and entertainment, we have your back from start to finish.

op h-services

Easy, reliable way to take care of your home.

We can help you with daily, weekly, and monthly household tasks. We work with  you to tailor the services you need to determine how often you receive these services.


Skilled Staffs


Happy Clients


Satisfaction Assured

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