Let us take care of food, so you can take care of your home

We source quality organic and fresh locally grown produce putting them in a specialize basket to be delivered to your doorstep weekly. No Hustle, Less food waste, Reduce plastic waste, Save more.

op baskets

A basket catered to your needs wherever you live

As life becomes stressful everyday, there is the need to adapt innovative convenience support system to get the basic things done. The OP basket is designed to do just that. Focus on keeping your family, we will take care of your grocery shopping needs.

Zero waste

Help save the over 40% of the food that goes uneaten every year. Let's save food that goes wasted on a daily basis.

Zero poverty

By buying from us, you are helping support our local farmers, so they can continue providing us with healthy, organic produce.

Zero hunger

We are not just saving you money and delivering you healthy food. we are on a mission to eradicate hunger and poverty in the world. find out more about our foundation here!

Tailored products to meet your needs.

Always Farm-Fresh

You choose between fresh organic or conventional produce and then add grocery items you want delivered on a weekly basis. Each week, our team work with local farmers to curate the freshest basket of fruits and vegetables.

CUSTOMIzE to suit your needs

Add items not on our list or swap items you don't like with more of what you love. Once your shopping window opens you are able to view which items we’ve selected for you that week. Everything in your order is customizable—keep what you want, remove what you don’t. Add in grocery staples, snacks and other favorite items you’ll love.


Save yourself a trip to the store. Your basket order is packed with care and delivered straight to your doorstep for your convenience, each week on your delivery day

You save time, money, and food from waste

Enjoy healthy, high-quality groceries that cost less, provides jobs and fight food waste—how delicious is that?

craving for a great meal?

Your favorite food, delivered

Get it delivered right to your door. Or, try Pickup on your way home. It’s mealtime on your time.

We want to bring innovation

Whatever the occasion, group hangout, staff meetings, etc...get special discount as you keep the team excited.


What they say

Mohammed hamisu


After moving to Accra from farm-friendly Koforidua, I gave up on finding the kind of affordable foodstuff like I was accustomed to. Six years later, i discovered you! Such an affordable way to support organic farming. I really appreciate that. I’m excited about this.”

victoria parker


I've really fallen in love with OP Basket! All of this gorgeous food for that less delivered to my door. Great product, awesome prices, super convenient. It's like a weekly Christmas and it's made my life (and budget) a little easier.  You need to try this!


Schedule your next event with help from OP Event

From planning, staffing, catering, photography and entertainment, we have your back from start to finish

Op household services

The easy, reliable way to take care of your home.

We can help you with daily, weekly, and monthly household tasks.  We work with you to tailor the services you need and to determine how often you receive this services.


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