5 Hacks To Keep Your Kitchen Clean. Easier And Convenient 

 July 2, 2019

By  October Price

Keeping your kitchen clean is a Necessity not am option

Keeping your kitchen clean (and every part of your home) organized doesn't just save you from bacterial and pests. But it does saves you money, time and convenience. Taking an hour a week and a few minutes to clean could just be the friend you need now. You don't want trash overflowing, leaving garbage disposal smelling like the inside of a dirty sock. Saving your family from bacteria that originated from a sponge you left unclean is not such a big deal, is it?

There is never enough time

Let's face it. we are all busy individuals. you don't have much time to spend keeping everything organized. Some of you cook two to three times daily, have a side business, or full time jobs, and takes care of quite a sized family. The house can be very messy sometimes.

However, learning a few tricks could just save you so much energy and as i said early, save you much money. below are 5 tips to consider.

5 Hacks To Get Your Cleaning Done Easier And Convenient

1. Start with a clean and organized kitchen

I have learnt overtime that the best way to be organized is starting organized. You don’t start cooking when your kitchen is messed up. You would be depressed after seeing the more mess you have added up after cooking. Starting clean and organized would motivate you to keep it clean.

2. Make enough space for cooking.

You probably won't be using most of the kitchen gadgets to prepare every meal. it’s much better to put everything away in a cupboard so your counters are completely clear. keeping it minimal gives you more room for prep. It also allows you to easily clean the counters without having to lift up everything. (That can be frustrating)

3. Cleaning on the go

You don't have to wait till you are done cooking before you clean up the kitchen. Whilst waiting for the water to boil, you can clean the knife and bowls you are likely not to use again and keep them away. Clean up spill almost immediately. Most people neglect this when they are in a hurry. But cleaning immediately would save you from soaking or scraping dried-on gunk. empty the sink immediately after using it. this helps you easily clean the sink after doing the dishes.

Clean the sink right after washing your dishes. wipe it dry so it would be ready for the next time you want to use it.

4. Let the trash container do it's job

The compost container is where you should dump food scraps or wastes. Instead of throwing your food scraps onto the counter, it’s much more efficient to place them in a  compost container. You can peel cucumbers, cassava, potatoes, etc directly into a dedicated trash bowl to save you time. You don’t have to wipe up the fish fins on the counter, when you can quickly dump the scraps all at the compost container.

5. Planning is very important.

There is nothing frustrating like preparing a meal and not finding the salt. You should develop a constant checkup of the things you have. having a menu to work with helps you pre-check with ingredients and tools you need for a particular meal.

subscribing to a service like OP Basket   makes getting all you need very conveniently and affordably


Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. Using the above five hacks would help you get more for your family. Having a cleaner kitchen also means all your appliance, big and small are always maintained to give it more efficiency. Efficiency means longer  life saving you money from buying new ones.

Every July, we celebrate healthy eating. stay on this blog to get more healthy tips to keep your life safe.

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