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Fasting: Here is why you should fast!

 June 21, 2019

By  October Price


Four (4) days to that time of the year again!

Every year, until last year, my Church, ICGC embarks on a spiritual experience for 30 days of prayer and fasting in July. Last year, we were challenged to take the fasting experience to an extra 10 days. 

Okay! 40 days is not a joke. But what benefit comes with fasting? Anyway, fasting simply means to deliberately go without food, drink or both for a period of time. In other words, deliberately denying oneself of natural source of food.

Most religious groups frequently participate in this exercise. Religious fasting may involve eating nothing on certain days, eating nothing from sunrise to sunset for a month, or not eating meat, dairy, and eggs for several weeks at a time.

Fasting can also be medical. You maybe be asked to fast for a couple of hours before a medical test or surgery. Other people embark on fasting to get rid of toxin from the body. Most people benefit from fasting in various ways.

what fasting means to Me



The fasting time is not necessary a diet management plan for me. It's a self discovery moment. As the defining of fasting goes, "deliberately denying...", i deliberately deny myself of everything that occupies me for so long so, i can find meaning to life. We can't just live to eat, work, sleep as a purpose in life. I have discovered the fasting time to be very instrumental for getting ideas, solving complex problems around me and getting better as a person.



Hearing From God

Yes it works for me. Fasting is an act of faith. you deny yourself pleasure with the hope of getting or experiencing something better. An answered prayer can be very very exciting and renewing. When i fast, i focus greatly on God. I read His word and with an open mind and heart, i am able to hear back what God has been telling me. Most of us don't get spiritually connected to The Creator because we are distracted by His creation. Our cravings and routines can become selfish and block out God and the needs of others. The fasting time is a great time to reconnect with the Father.


A Feel of true happiness through fasting

Every year i try to make fasting as exciting as possible. i don't see fasting as a mourning time but rather a time for me to actually feel good without having it from physical gains. i would yearly  save some money to donate to orphans during my fasting periods (well, until a few years back..maybe two years ago plus this year) Giving is fun. When you give  from your heart, you experience this priceless excitement that no human can give but the Lord only. 

My kind of fasting

Coincidentally, it's known as the "Daniel's fast" In Daniel 10:2-3, "At the time I, Daniel, mourned for three weeks. I ate no choice food; no meat or wine touched my lips." Daniel was devoted to seeking the Lord for repentance, revelation, and understanding concerning visions that were given to him. Fasting was rather a lifestyle to him. Humbling yourself before God is the key to unlocking the beauty and fulfillment of the Daniel's fast.

Similarly, I find it very effective in seeking repentance, revelations, and understanding from God through fasting. This is my main reason for choosing the Daniel's fast as my preferred choice of fasting. I naturally don't eat much even though I like food a lot. I can stay away from solid food for days without even feeling hungry. So Instead of food being cut completely out of the equation, as many people do, the Daniel's fast allows you to be restricted by the food you eat. In Daniel 10:23, the scripture says that Daniel didn’t eat any delicacies, meats, or wine and was in mourning for 21 days. For the entire fasting period,(In my case- 30-40 days) I stay completely out of solid food and strict myself to raw fruits and vegetables.

This leaves my body pure and and junk-free as possible. I replace my craving for delicacies with prayer instead and I have found it very renewing.

Something New this year

This year i want to add up to my fasting experience. When October Price started from it's genesis two years ago, one of our visions was to do our best to help reduce or better, end hunger around us. We have been doing our little contributions through our charity project OPCare Foundation. We declared October as our "giving month" and has since been sharing food and other gifts every October. 

This year, on behalf of the team, I am declaring  July as  health month (well, we would find a suitable name for this soon). Since October Price is a family, we like to encourage everyone to experience the joy in fasting. During the month of July, we would be sharing tips, some of our premium green recipes throughout and discount packages to help all members participate in this.

We would also raise funds to support our Charity programs during this period. We encourage you to give in support of this godly initiative.

Challenging Myself

Something I would also be doing is traveling out of the noise in the city more during this time.

I would visit farmers precisely to help them device ways to get their work done more efficiently, raise funds for their projects and in generals help them get profit from their hard-work. 

During this period, I would also discover potentials that we can help develop through education and career training programs.

This sounds exciting already.

you can join me

You have time? Yes, you can join me. This promises to be a very renewing period and you can be a part of it.

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