Millet as a superfood 

 February 3, 2020

By  admin

“Mina’ as it is called in my local dialect is what is used to prepare your favorite “Hausa Koko, correct TZ, your favorite pito drink”  among others. For some reason I am yet not aware of is why the value gotten from this super-food, queen among all cereal grains is almost never spoken about.

This month @October Price, we celebrate the strength of the north “Millet”. If you have ever wondered where that super-strength from northerners comes from, then here is the secret. Early in the morning, they drink “Hausa Koko” (Millet porridge), mid-day before lunch, they drink “zom kom” (made with millet), They eat millet cooked with beans or corn for lunch, drink pito (made with millet) and at supper eats TZ (made with millet)

My special is drinking the “foroforo” drink in the hot afternoon and that’s very rewarding. I obviously can’t finish talking about the magic of the millet in one post so let me share some five benefits that are gotten from the millet.

  1. Appropriate for kids & people with sensitivities

Millet doesn’t contain gluten which is a protein present in wheat, grain, and rye. It deduces that even individuals experiencing celiac illness can exploit its benefits! It likewise has anti-allergenic properties, therefore, it can be added into an eating routine for even children.

2. Cleanses acid from your body

Our body requires an ideal pH level to work effectively and to hold our electrolyte profile in check. Your pH can be brought down because of the high intake of acidic food, like meat, fish, soft drinks and a few kinds of dairy. This decreases your immunity and can lead to acid reflux, lack of concentration and even depression. The Alkaline properties in millet which fight the actions of acid, thus increasing your pH balance to a more desirable level.

3. Supports your nervous system

Millet contains significant levels of folic acid which controls the development and advancement of all the cells in your body. It is especially significant for pregnant women as its deficiency might prompt different formative deformities in infant children. Anemia can be caused by a lack of folic acid. Serotonin present in millet is a neurotransmitter, deficiency in which prompts nervousness and depression.

4. Great source of silicon

Silicon influences directly the functioning of your whole body and gives your skin a solid, gleaming appearance. It is particularly significant in elder people and kids as it adds to great bone mineralization, density and prevents osteoporosis. Silicon is a building block of some of your organs, for example, your cerebrum, pancreas, liver, and heart just as nails, and hair. It is additionally one of the elements of collagen which improves the flexibility and youthfulness of your skin.

5. If you are looking for a superfood that has a perfect ratio between unsaturated and saturated fats, its millet. It is exactly 2:1! which is essential for the production of “good cholesterol”, HDL, and evacuation of “bad cholesterol”, LDL. Eating fats in this proportion decreases the danger of cardiovascular diseases. Millet additionally is full of antioxidants that not only slow down aging and shield your body from hurtful microorganisms yet, in addition, anticipates the development of atherosclerosis (plaque build-up within your arteries) just as bringing or lowering your blood pressure. The magnesium present in millet also decreases the danger of heart attack.

The next time you think of eating something healthy, think of Millet. See you in the next one.


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